The Mid-America Regional Council offers the following resources ensure public safety and increase awareness about disasters and emergencies. 

Family reviewing an emergency evacuation plan


Know the Risks. Make A Plan. Get A Kit. Stay Informed.  

Individuals and families must take personal responsibility for emergency preparedness and know the risks of potential disasters in their community. Whether it’s an act of terrorism, severe weather, or a public health or chemical threat, PrepareMetroKC.org offers information about how to create an emergency supply kit, develop a family emergency plan and stay informed. Created by the Metropolitan Emergency Managers Committee, the site provides detailed resources on how to prepare for and respond to a variety of disasters.  

Person packing emergency supplies in a bag

Emergency Preparedness Guidebook

Preparedness starts with you. 

A hazardous materials spill, tornado or other disaster could cut off basic services — gas, water, electricity and telephone — for days.  And local officials and relief workers may not be able to reach everyone immediately. You’ll cope best by preparing before disaster strikes. In the Emergency Preparedness Guidebook, we offer simple guidelines that will help you and your family be ready.  

Older adult thinking

Vulnerable Populations: Personal Preparedness Inventory

Assessing the important additional resources you will need before, during and after a disaster

Are you an older adult? Do you or anyone in your family have a disability? Do you need assistance with daily activities or transportation? Do you use special equipment or have a service animal to assist you?  

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it’s even more important to take steps to prepare for disasters ahead of time. In addition to standard emergency supplies, you may require additional resources to meet your specific needs.  

The Personal Preparedness Inventory will help you: 

  • Assess the additional resources you need the most. 
  • Gather important information about those resources. 
  • Identify possible alternative sources for the assistance you need.
Woman helping an unconscious man

KC Ready

You are the help until help arrives. 

Intentional attacks that have multiple casualties and fatalities can happen anywhere – at work or school, at a concert or restaurant, or just walking down the street. No community is immune. Across the Kansas City region, emergency service professionals are working together with cities and counties to help area residents understand their role and actions to prepare for such an emergency. The KC Ready campaign encourages people, business owners and event managers to learn simple steps they can take to be prepared, aware and proactive. 

Through KC Ready, people and businesses in our communities will: 

  • Gain a better understanding of risks. 
  • Learn how and where to report suspicious activity. 
  • Have access to training on how to be the help until help arrives. 
  • Have opportunities to participate in local and regional exercises.