Homeland Security


The Mid-America Regional Council’s homeland security work has a vital mission: to secure the region from the many threats we face. 

As a bistate region composed of multiple jurisdictions of differing sizes and response capabilities governed by different state laws and regulations, each local jurisdiction must assume ultimate responsibility for its community in responding to threats. However, the ability of any one jurisdiction to successfully respond to any major event is dependent upon regional capabilities.  

That’s what makes this work vital — an emergency response system that is comprehensive, integrated and truly regional in approach is crucial to prevent, mitigate, respond to and recover from the threats and hazards the region faces. 

Regional Homeland Security Coordinating Committee

The Regional Homeland Security Coordinating Committee (RHSCC) and its subcommittees provide leadership to the region’s efforts to enhance capabilities to prevent, protect, respond to and recover from a broad range of threats and hazards, including terrorism, by strengthening relationships between jurisdictions and across disciplines; outlining protocols for regional action; maximizing the sharing and coordination of resources; and enhancing the capabilities of first responders/receivers through equipment, training and exercise investments; and improving surveillance, early detection and mitigation of hazards and threats.

Explore the RHSCC committee page and its subcommittees for more information.