Salary Survey

Local governments are challenged to attract and retain qualified employees, often competing with each other and the private sector. Local government salaries are constantly under review and pay plans are periodically compared to market and updated. This provides an opportunity for local governments to share services as they look for comparative pay data and process multiple survey requests.

MARC provides this shared service with the help of local government human resources personnel through a web-based salary survey system called Compensation Survey System (CSS). More than 60 local governments participate annually. Local governments are invited to take advantage of the benefits including: 

  • Immediate access to the survey data anytime during the year to either update or retrieve data. 
  • The ability to generate reports that include only selected the local governments for comparison. 
  • The ability to obtain job data from local governments across the country. 
  • An expanded database of jobs (more than 900 benchmarks). 
  • Reduced pay plan consultant fees (local governments will already have access to comprehensive salary data). 
  • Fewer survey requests for salary data circulated among local governments throughout the year.  
  • Fees for CSS have a 20 percent group discount.  
Group reviewing data at a table

Compensation Analysis and Pay Plan Services

MARC offers compensation analysis and pay plan services through a shared services agreement with TechNet affiliate, Personnel Systems and Services. Services provided include: 

  • Job analysis and job description updates/development.  
  • Job valuation. 
  • Labor market analysis. 
  • Compensation policies and procedures.  

Regional cities and counties can enter into individualized service agreements based on the pre-negotiated master services between MARC and Personnel Systems & Services, Inc. MARC will receive a small percentage of the fees collected by Personnel Systems & Services to cover administrative costs associated with procurement, customer service, contract management and marketing. 


To participate in the Salary Survey, complete the registration form and pay the corresponding service fee for your organization. The service fees cover the Technology Net service fees along with MARC’s expenses for administering the program and coordinating training sessions.

Layer Title
Subscription Fees
Rates valid Jan. 1 - Dec. 31, 2024.
Full-Time Employees 2024 Fees
0-15 $100
16-30 $190
31-45 $380
46-100 $570
101-200 $760
201-350 $855
351-500 $950
500+ $1,135