Air Quality

To keep the air we breathe clean and safe, we all need to do our part.

The Mid-America Regional Council works with local governments, businesses and residents to collaborate on policies and strategies that address threats to our regional air quality.

Clean Air Action Plan

The Clean Air Action Plan offers proactive community-based strategies with specific voluntary actions which businesses and individuals can take to reduce emissions that form ground-level ozone. Implementation of plan elements also aligns with a larger set of sustainability priorities that guide the region’s growth and development. 

Daily Ozone Forecast


The SkyCast is the daily ozone forecast for the Kansas City region produced from March 1 through October 31. Similar to a weather forecast, it tells you what air quality conditions are most likely to be for the next day.

Air Quality Committees

Committees help guide air quality work in our region by reviewing regional air quality issues and making policy recommendations.