Data Analysis, Stories and Reports

Neighborhood with dense housing options

KC Region at risk of losing its most affordable housing

Increasing numbers of Low-Income Housing Tax Credit properties are eligible to leave the program. What happens next?


Many essential workers have limited housing options

New analysis shows how a shortage of affordable housing options in the Kansas City region challenges the workers our communities depend on most.

Skyline view of Kansas City with Union Station in the foreground

First Suburbs Coalition Regional Housing Summit Summary Report

The Summit brings together local leaders and stakeholders to identify a collaborative path forward to address economic development issues.

Independence Center shopping mall

Retail Trends Report

The Kansas City Regional Retail Trends Report explores trends in retail trade and in services often included in retail developments.

Time lapse of cars on highway at dusk with skyline in distance

Congestion Management Report

Using travel data, the Transportation Congestion and Reliability report offers interactive maps that display the location and severity of congestion at varying times of the day.

Drawing of a diverse group of people

Census 2020 Analysis

The 2020 census reveals the Kansas City region is becoming more racially and ethnically diverse. Explore these changing demographics at various scales and examine what it means for the future of our region.

Streetcar stopped at Metro Center with pedestrians

Connected KC 2050: A Model Future

In this chapter of the Connected KC 2050 planning process, we look at different scenarios that could be used to guide transportation investments to best address our needs, build on our strengths and achieve our vision.