Communities for All Ages Initiatives

KC Communities for All Ages is committed to using the following strategies to do their work: 

  • Engage the experience and expertise of older adults and promote them as a valuable community resource.
  • Convene community members to determine the opportunities and challenges of an older community.
  • Facilitate the integration of these opportunities and challenges into all aspects of community life, including design, infrastructure, programs and services, workforce development and community engagement.
  • Provide technical assistance to communities within the nine-county metropolitan area to support efforts to create and sustain an age-friendly region.
  • Track regional demographic and environmental trends and adapt to them proactively.

Recognition program

The recognition program offers tools to help cities and counties become more aware of their role in supporting their older residents. The program recognizes communities in our region that have taken steps to become more welcoming to residents of all ages and, in the process, more vibrant, healthy and prosperous.

Communities can apply for and earn three levels of recognition:

  • Bronze — for awareness
  • Silver — for assessment
  • Gold — for implementation

Workshops and conferences 

MARC offers workshops to help older adults live healthier, happier lives using evidence-based tools and techniques. Topics include housing, universal design, health, best practices for working with older adults and more.

Legislative briefings

Annual briefings are presented to regional Kansas and Missouri state legislators on policy issues related to successful aging in a community. These gatherings are sponsored by the Leadership in Aging Network, which MARC leads.