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Special Studies and Projects

Policy on Major Investment Studies (pdf)

Map of Major Study Corridors

MARC is often asked to participate in transportation studies that span multiple jurisdictions and look at a variety of solutions and specific needs. At the regional level, we help identify problems and needs by monitoring current travel conditions and forecasting future travel demand. We also study how travel might be affected if we changed current land-use patterns and transportation investments.

Active Studies

Completed Studies

  • The M-350 Highway/Blue Parkway Corridor Redevelopment Study developed a plan for the economic rejuvenation and redevelopment of the corridor through examining land use and transportation alignment. It was intended to provide a high-level guidebook for making future decisions on economic development and revitalization of the corridor.

​- M-350 Highway/Blue Parkway Corridor Study (2007)

  • Mid-Continent TradeWay Study (1998) concluded that establishing an international trade processing center in the Kansas City region is feasible. The goal of the year-long study was to develop strategies to improve the attractiveness of the region as a processing point for trade and commodities between the United States, Canada and Mexico.
  • Regional Commuter Rail Feasibility Study, completed in 2002, Working under the direction of MARC, the Commuter Rail Feasibility Study determined the realities of using existing rail corridors to help serve the transportation needs of the greater Kansas City region.
Implementation Strategy (384KB, pdf)
  • Regional External Station Survey (2008)
  • Regional Freight Outlook Study, completed in 2009, dentified freight infrastructure needs and assess Kansas City's regional transportation advantages, resulting in a targeted marketing strategy for the region.
Freight Directory (4.1MB, pdf)
Business Survey (4.32MB, pdf)
Focus Group Summary (202kb, pdf)
Freight Infrastructure Investment Plan (1.52MB, pdf)
Regional Freight Assessment (1.06MB, pdf)
Freight Flow Analysis (1.45MB, pdf)
Economic Impacts (553kb, pdf)
Freight and the Environment (258kb, pdf)
Marketing and Communications Plan (447kb, pdf)
- Strategic Plan (769kb, pdf)
Summary (3.72MB, pdf)
  • South Metro Connection Study (2008)
  • Travel Time Studies help monitor the performance of the roadway system, and observes trends in automobile travel time, delay and congestion during peak travel periods for the Kansas City metropolitan area.
  • The U.S. 24/40 Corridor Study (2008), The U.S. 24/40 Corridor Study developed a 30-year corridor master plan for current and future land use and transportation integration along an initial two-mile wide corridor in Leavenworth County, Kan.

The preparation of this report was financed in part with funding from United States Department of Transportation (USDOT), administered by the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) and the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT). The opinions, findings and conclusions expressed in this publication are those of the authors and not necessarily those of USDOT, KDOT and MoDOT.