Creating and sustaining a healthy environment for our region

A healthy environment for our region

MARC's Environment department develops policies, processes and projects that help keep the region’s air and water clean, reduces the amount of waste sent to landfills, restores green infrastructure and advances climate resilience. 

Environment Spotlight

Food scraps being emptied into a compost container

SWMD Annual Grant Call Now Open

Pre-applications are now open for the MARC Solid Waste Management District's annual grant program. These grants provide financial support for the implementation of waste reduction, reuse, recycling and composting projects within the district.

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Carbon Reduction Program

The Carbon Reduction Program funds projects designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the on-road transportation system. 

Green Infrastructure Project at the Shawnee Mission School District

Green Infrastructure Framework

Green infrastructure integrates nature-based solutions into the built environment in simple but meaningful ways. The Green Infrastructure Framework provides a roadmap for integrated processes and new approaches to protect, preserve and restore natural areas, while meeting social and economic needs at the same time.

Illustrations of people riding bikes

May is Bike Month

Riding a bike makes streets safer, brings people together and keeps the air clean. This May, we're celebrating cycling and the many reasons we ride.

View of downtown with trees in foreground

Regional Climate Action

The Mid-America Regional Council collaborates with Climate Action KC, a nonprofit regional compact made up of more than 100 local and state elected officials, to organize strategies to draw down greenhouse gases and improve climate resilience.

People riding bikes on bike lane along Grand Avenue

Academy for Sustainable Communities Webinars

With our partners at the MARC Government Training Institute (GTI), Academy for Sutainable Communities provides nationally known speakers focused on how Kansas City can serve as a model of sustainability by emphasizing environmental, economic and social success.

Environmental Outreach and Education

Make informed decisions

Take responsible action

Public education is key to making smarter choices that lead to a healthier environment. MARC's environmental outreach programs provide free resources to keep our communities clean and vibrant.

Student and volunteer reading the Air Quality book

It's Ozone Season

What's the SkyCast?

The SkyCast is the daily ozone forecast for the Kansas City region produced from March 1 through October 31. Similar to a weather forecast, it tells you what air quality conditions are most likely to be for the next day.

Clouds over Kansas City skyline

Environment Committees

By bringing together key decision-makers, we can work together to find and implement solutions to the challenges our region faces.