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Public Participation Plan

MARC seeks to provide participation opportunities for residents interested in the transportation planning process, and to engage members of the community who have not traditionally been involved. It is MARC’s goal to have a significant, ongoing public participation process that ensures early and continuous involvement in all major transportation decisions.

The Public Participation Plan (PPP) provides a framework that guides public involvement in MARC’s transportation planning projects. It specifies goals,strategies and techniques that encourage successful public participation.

MARC uses a range of public involvement strategies throughout the development of its core transportation plans. The PPP sets a consistent standard across different planning efforts, but recognizes that strategies may vary by project. Early engagement and continuous participation are important goals that merit consideration in all transportation planning processes.

Public Participation Plan

Plan de Participación Pública

A Guide to Transportation Decision Making (1.1 MB, PDF)

Una Guía para la Toma de Decisiones sobre Transporte (1.0 MB, PDF)

The goal

Our goal is to have significant and ongoing public participation in transportation planning processes. Education and outreach are essential parts of informing the public about how decisions are made at the metropolitan level, and MARC seeks to improve opportunities for resident to voice ideas, input and values regarding transportation.

Updating the plan

MARC's Public Participation Plan works to involve citizens in transportation decision-making. The plan includes information on holding public meetings at convenient and accessible locations and times, using visualization techniques to better describe the impacts of plans, and making public information available in electronically accessible formats.

Ways to get involved

How do citizens fit into the transportation planning process? Residents may know information that is more current or detailed than is available to transportation professionals. Also, you may see things differently. That is why it's important for you to be involved. There are many ways to make planners aware of your needs and concerns and also help develop solutions to problems. To follow the developments in transportation planning for the region, you can:

  • Provide input on transportation plans.

  • Volunteer to serve on a citizen focus group or citizens' advisory committee.

  • Ask a transportation official to attend meetings of civic and community organizations to explain the process.

  • Find out what public involvement activities are available by contacting MARC, Kansas and Missouri departments of transportation, or a local transit agency.

  • Join a mailing list to receive newsletters, updates and other information.

  • Monitor websites of transportation organizations.