Regional Trails & Bikeways Map

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Types of trails and bikeways

Shared use path

A paved or unpaved path or trail intended exclusively for non-automobile users, including pedestrians and cyclists. 

Bike lane

Striped lanes in the roadway for preferential use by bicyclists.

Separated bike lane

A bike lane (sometimes called a mobility lane) that is separated from automobile lanes by parked cars, curbs, bollards and/or other delineators. 

Marked bike route

Streets with bike route signage or shared lane markings (sharrows) indicating a preferred route for bicycles. 

Mountain bike trail

An unpaved natural trail for the use of mountain biking. Hiking is also allowed on many mountain bike trails. 

Paved shoulders

Roadway shoulders that available for cyclist use. 

Equestrian trail

A trail designated for horseback riding use may also allow hiking and mountain biking. Look for posted signs and always be respectful of fellow trail users.

Walking trail

A trail within a park area for the exclusive use of runners and walkers. May be paved or in an unpaved natural state.