GRANDPass gives older caregivers a break

May 20, 2024
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Back for a second season, GRANDPass offers a unique respite opportunity for caregivers age 55+ of children in kindergarten through 8th grade. Funded by the Mid-America Regional Council’s Department of Aging and Adult Services, GRANDPass pays for a free week of summer camp for kids at approved locations throughout the region.

Sandra Claussen sent her twin grandsons to camp with the help of a GRANDPass last year. She said she was worried about how to keep them active in the summer months and lacked support or resources. “To be able to have a free week of camp is a blessing,” Claussen said. “It’s a gift.”

Jordan Elo, senior district program director for the YMCA, said the program not only gives older caregivers time off but also affords children who might not normally be able to attend camp the opportunity to enjoy new experiences. 

“Our camps give older caregivers the peace of mind to know that when they drop off their children they are going to be in a safe and caring environment and also have a great time,” Elo said. “So, if we can provide that assurance and a fun environment, it's a win-win.”

Other benefits for children include the chance to learn and grow outdoors, make friends, and try new activities. 
GRANDPass is open to caregivers in the Missouri counties of Cass, Clay, Jackson, Platte or Ray. To be eligible, caregivers must be related to their children by blood, marriage or legal agreement. Children must live in the same home as their caregivers, and the biological parents cannot live in the home.