RAPIO group during a tabletop exercise

E-RAPIO, a subcommittee of the Regional Association of Public Information Officers (RAPIO), has the authority and autonomy to represent RAPIO in all Regional Homeland Security Coordinating Committee responsibilities that are related to regional emergency public information.

E-RAPIO's vision is to provide a robust regional system of personnel, resources and equipment that can support coordinated emergency public information during a large-scale disaster, under the auspices of the impacted and/or affected local jurisdiction(s) and operating within the National Incident Management System (NIMS).

Committee details

Meeting Information

This committee usually meets monthly. Meetings are usually held at MARC and viturally. All meetings are listed on the MARC calendar and are open to the public.

For meeting agendas and summaries, please contact MARC Emergency Services Staff at (816)474-4240.


  • Anne Poelzl, Clay County Sheriff’s Office
  • Claire Canaan, Johnson County Emergency Management 

MARC Staff Contact

  • Catherine Couch

Current priorities

  • Updating the ESF-15 component of the Regional Coordination Guide as needed.
  • Creating a regional system to train, develop and coordinate the response of local public information personnel in preparation for large-scale events.
  • Facilitating access to local and regional resources that can help with the analysis and distribution of public information during emergencies and disasters, including technology systems (such as WebEOC, HSIN), stock materials (such as sample news releases, photos and videos), and existing public information systems (such as 2-1-1, 3-1-1, and school notification systems).
  • Convening public information officers to coordinate emergency communications to the public.