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Ambulance Services & Diversion

Ambulance Rates

The Regional Ambulance Rates information is intended to help inform the budgetary process of providers and jurisdictions. Thank you to our participants who are actively involved in the survey. 

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Ambulance Diversion

In an ideal world, EMS agencies should always deliver patients to the nearest medical facility. But in reality, nearest is not always an option. Hospitals sometimes face serious shortages of the staff and space resources they need to provide emergency care.

Hospital administrators, when faced with a serious shortage of resources, alert EMS providers of their status using EMSystem — a web-based program that provides real-time information on patient capacity, available beds and specialized treatment capabilities.

MARCER, working with a select group of physicians, nurses and hospital administrators put together by the Missouri Hospital Association/Health Alliance of Mid-America, has developed ambulance diversion guidelines for the greater Kansas City metropolitan area. These guidelines are designed to accommodate the interests of both hospitals and EMS agencies, while keeping patient care and safety the number one priority.

For more information, contact Ian Saxton at 816/701-8396.

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