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The Metropolitan Area Regional Radio System (MARRS) was established through the use of federal grant dollars and additional local investment. The objective for MARRS is to create a seamless radio system for public safety and emergency services personnel across jurisdictional and state boundaries.

Prior to the creation of MARRS, public safety agencies would have to patch radios from different agencies together. MARRS allows public safety personnel to respond to emergencies more efficiently by unifying the radio system across boundaries. Two host agencies – including Johnson County, Kansas, and the city of Kansas City, Missouri – serve as the MARRS host agencies.

MARC's Public Safety Communications Board approved the creation of the MARRS Management Council for oversight of this system. A memorandum of understanding between the three host agencies was created as an agreed upon common line of action.

Other jurisdictions within the metro participate in and may join MARRS to improve day-to-day interoperability. This option helps communities and agencies share costs while improving public safety and emergency response across the region.