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Connecting public safety radio systems across Greater Kansas City


What is MARRS?

The Metropolitan Area Regional Radio System (MARRS) was established through the use of federal grant dollars and additional local investment. The objective for MARRS is to create a seamless radio system for public safety and emergency services personnel across jurisdictional and state boundaries. Learn more»

What is RAMBIS?

The Regional Area Multi-band Integrated System (RAMBIS) — a cross-band, repeated, interoperable radio system consisting of dedicated UHF and 800 MHz simulcast channels — was developed to improve interoperable communications throughout the MARC region. RAMBIS allows users operating on these frequencies to communicate directly with other responders during a multi-agency or multi-jurisdiction event. Learn more»

What is a COMC and how do I request services?

Regional Communications Coordinators (COMCs) are individuals affiliated with public safety agencies that have completed training required by the Public Safety Communications Board and have made a commitment to serve in this role. This position serves as a resource to the Communications Unit Leader and Incident Commander.
The COMCs have established an on-call schedule so regional interoperability assets can be secured at any time. The Johnson County Emergency Communication Center has agreed to coordinate the deployment of COMCs in accordance with the on-call schedule. The COMCs will inform each other of what interoperability assets are in use at any given time. Learn more»