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Historical Forecasts

These documents detail MARC's projections of the area's population, households, household income, and employment by industry for the 3 decades following the forecast year by county, community analysis area, and census tract. 
The forecast also includes historical census data for the 3 decennial censuses preceding the forecast year, and the 100 percent count data for the last census. 
Reference maps outlining the boundaries of Census Tracts and Community Analysis Areas used in these reports are available.
2011 Update to Last Long Range Forecast (297k, updated 12/23/11)
2004 Long Range Forecast (970k, updated 2/10/06) 
2002 Long Range Forecast (650k, updated 11/4/03) 
1997 Long Range Forecast (1.6MB updated 1/12/98) - projections for the years 2000, 2010, and 2020.