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Community Engagement

From Scenarios to a Forecast

Upon reviewing two very different future land use scenarios and the implications of each, the MARC Board of Directors reached a consensus that it was desirable for the region to move in the direction of the adopted development strategy:

"... a land use direction of Kansas City as a sustainable region of vibrant, green places connected by multimodal transportation corridors."

In order to create a final forecast from the two scenarios, estimates from the Technical Forecast Committee and public input were used to assess the amount of progress the region could make toward this vision by 2040.

The TFC estimated that expected forces alone, such as rising energy prices and changing demographics, would encourage about 20 percent of development by 2040 to be in existing areas, as redevelopment and infill.

MARC collaborated with KCPT to produce the Imagine KC televised public meetings, and MARC staff gave over 70 presentations on land-use policies to local governments, civic groups, professional groups and the general public to assess the support and expectations for local adoption of sustainable development policies. Participants at these engagements indicated support for increased reinvestment and redevelopment.

Any policies that seemed to constrain growth were not expected to be implemented in the Greater Kansas City area by 2040.

The MARC Board agreed on support including creating local redevelopment plans, prioritizing transportation projects—particularly transit—along identified corridors, and providing incentives for redevelopment.

More information

Visit the Transportation Outlook 2040 website for more information on adopted policies, land-use scenarios, and public engagement.