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Regional 9-1-1 Trail Address Markers

Address markers increase safety and expand along area trails

Since 2009, agencies in the Kansas City region have been installing 9-1-1 address-marker signposts along many biking and walking trails to improve public safety. Based on a regional grid system, these signs each provide a unique address similar to this one recently installed in Olathe. 
When someone needs emergency help on a trail, the information on the signpost will help 9-1-1 dispatchers locate the caller with an increased level of accuracy. In many cases the location of the cell phone itself may not be good enough for accurate, timely emergency response along a trail.

Trail markers have recently been installed (or will be soon) in the following locations:
  • In Liberty along the Westboro/Canterbury Greenway Trail.
  • In Kansas City along the Trolley, Blue River and Indian Creek Trails.
  • In Smithville along the Cabin Fever, Anita B. Gorman, Eagle’s View, Smoke and Davey, Bone Bender, Little Platte North and Little Platte South Trails.
  • In Olathe along the Eastbrooke, Heritage, Indian Creek, Mahaffie, and Rolling Ridge Trails.

This increases the total number of signs installed in our region to 819. Additional signs are planned along sections of the Trolley Trail and Rock Island corridor.

The pictures below were taken while gathering precision level (submeter accuracy) GPS (Global Positioning System) coordinates for the recently installed marker signs along the Trolley Tail in Kansas City, Missouri. The Kansas City Area Transportation Authority (KCATA) placed the signposts along this trail. The GIS (Geographic Information Systems) staff at the Mid-America Regional Council coordinated with KCATA to provide data collection and addressing information. In Liberty, an Eagle Scout worked with the city to collect GPS data.

The map below shows where 9-1-1 trail address signs have been installed since 2011. As new signs are added across the region each year, MARC’s GIS staff will continue to offer GPS/GIS support, helping to increase safety along many of our region’s great trails.


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