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Address markers increase safety on walking and biking trails

Since 2009, agencies in the Kansas City region have been installing 9-1-1 address-marker signposts along many biking and walking trails to improve public safety. Based on a regional grid system, these signs each provide a unique address similar to this one recently installed in Olathe. When someone needs emergency help on a trail, the information on the signpost will help 9-1-1 dispatchers locate the caller with an increased level of accuracy. Read more»

KC Rising metrics measure regional progress

The Big Dots of KC Rising Metrics

The KC Rising metrics evaluate the performance of the Kansas City region compared to 30 peer metros. Our goal is for the Kansas City region to become a top-10 metro among its peers in three overarching metrics, which we call the three "Big Dot" goals, by 2025: metropolitan gross domestic product (GDP), quality jobs, and median household income. KC Rising has established initiatives with activities designed to implement strategies that can improve the functioning of each of the systems driving regional prosperity – Trade, Ideas and People. As performance improves, this should propel the region toward its goal of becoming a top-10 metro with respect to the Big Dots. 

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Learn about workforce trends and issues in the Kansas City area by visiting the Reports page.

Our reports provide current data on the region's education and workforce, and identify potential key indicators to measure the region's progress. Reports include topics such as a labor analysis on the life sciences industry, a regional assessment of education in the region, a regional asssessment of health care and other sector-specific reports.