RHSCC Cybersecurity Subcommittee

An array of computer screens monitoring device performance

Created by the Regional Homeland Security Coordinating Committee (RHSCC) leadership and a planning team of city and county leaders, IT professionals, emergency managers and cybersecurity experts the Cybersecurity subcommittee has a shared vision of reducing cybersecurity threats.

  1. Identify and Establish Best Practices for Cybersecurity Planning
  2. Design and Implement Regional Communication Strategies
  3. Create Collaborative Training Opportunities to Build a High-Quality Workforce
  4. Create a Shared Services Model to Support Local Governments
  5. Improve Redundancy and Resilience Through Mutual Aid Networks and Shared Services
  6. Establish a Sustainable Funding Source to Support Regional Response to Cyber Threats


Tony Sage, IT Director, Overland Park, Kan. 

Zach Walker, City Manager, Independence, Mo.


To request meeting summaries or agendas, please call MARC's Emergency Services staff at (816)474-4240.