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Surface Transportation Program (STP)

Program description

Surface Transportation Program (STP) funds are suballocated to MARC, the region's metropolitan planning organization (MPO), by the Federal Highway Administration in order to fund a variety of multimodal and roadway projects on federal-aid highways. These funds are administered through the Kansas STP/Bridge Priorities Committee and the Missouri STP/Bridge Priorities Committee.

Eligible project sponsors

The following entities are eligible to apply for Kansas STP funds:

  • All cities within MARC’s metropolitan planning boundary in Kansas.
  • Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT).
  • Kansas City Area Transportation Authority (KCATA).
  • MARC.

The following entities are eligible to apply for Missouri STP funds:

  • All cities and counties within MARC’s metropolitan planning boundary in Missouri.
  • All transportation corporations within MARC’s metropolitan planning boundary.
  • Missouri Department of Transportation.
  • Kansas City Area Transportation Authority.
  • MARC.

Funding objectives

Transportation Outlook 2040, the Kansas City region’s metropolitan transportation plan, identifies policy goals and objectives for regional transportation investments. There is significant flexibility in the allocation of STP funds, though funding priority will be given to projects that advance these goals and objectives that:

  • Increase emphasis on maintaining transportation infrastructure.
  • Increase modal choice.
  • Better integrate projects into the community.
  • Better manage roadway capacity.

Eligible funding uses

Kansas and Missouri STP funds can be used within the Kansas City MPO boundary for the following types of projects:

  • Highway (including Interstate highways) and bridge projects (including bridges on public roads of all functional classifications);
  • Alternative mode projects;
  • Safety projects;
  • Transportation control measures;
  • Natural habitat and wetlands mitigation efforts (related to STP-funded projects);
  • Infrastructure-based intelligent transportation systems capital improvements; and
  • Environmental restoration and pollution abatement projects.

For a detailed listing of the eligible uses of STP funds, view the following:

Excluded funding uses

The Kansas STP/Bridge Priorities Committee does not recommend use of STP funds to pay for design or preliminary engineering activities; utility adjustments or right of way acquisition for any project.

The Missouri STP/Bridge Priorities Committee does not recommend use of STP funds to pay for design or preliminary engineering activities for any project.

Application process

MARC will issue a call for projects, and project sponsors must submit proposals by a deadline to be considered for the next round of funding. MARC staff will rank the applications according to established scoring criteria and will forward the applications to the Kansas and Missouri STP/Bridge Priorities committees for evaluation. The scoring results represent only one piece of information in the evaluation process. Sponsors are highly encouraged to attend specified meetings to present their projects to the committees and answer questions. Each committee will forward its final funding recommendations to the Total Transportation Policy Committee for approval.