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Funding programs make an impact on the progress of our region

2016–2020 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

The TIP documents how the Kansas City region prioritizes the limited transportation resources available among the various needs of the region. It includes a staged, five-year list of surface transportation projects proposed for federal, state and local funding within the metropolitan area. Inclusion in the TIP represents a major milestone in the project development process that enables a project to receive and expend federal funds.

MARC, in partnership with key area stakeholders, designed the Guide to Transportation Decision Making to help area residents understand the complex process of transportation decision making and learn how they can more effectively provide input. It describes MARC's role in the process, as well as the roles of federal, state and local governments. Updated in 2011.

2019-2020 Transportation Funding Call for Projects

MARC is currently soliciting applications for three federal transportation funding programs: Congestion Mitigation/Air Quality, the Surface Transportation Program (STP), and STP set-asides (formerly known as the Transportation Alternatives Program). Just over $75 million is expected to be available for 2019-2020 funding. The policy direction identified in the Transportation Outlook 2040 Programming Policy Statement will serve as a guide for selecting regional transportation investments in this round of funding. 

Applications are due by March 25. More details>