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Kansas — Dennis O'Connor, KDOT
Missouri — James Green, Harrisonville, Missouri

Staff Contact:
Whitney Morgan, 816/701-8228

Scope of Work

The Aviation Committee assists in the development of airport system plans and addresses other aviation issues as need arises. Members are from MARC's Total Transportation Policy Committee, Kansas and Missouri Departments of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration, city and county technical staff and others.

Committee Members (pdf)

Regional Aviation System Plan

Meetings and Activities

This committee meets on a bimonthly basis. Meetings are generally held in the MARC offices, 600 Broadway, Suite 200, Kansas City, Mo. All meetings are listed on the MARC calendar and are open to the public.

Next meeting: Thursday, March 9 at 1:30 p.m., MARC offices

Items discussed at Jan. 12, 2017 meeting:

  • 2017 Work Plan
  • 2017 state DOT roadway construction projects near airports — list [Excel] |  map [PDF]

Meeting Archives