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2016–2020 Transportation Improvement Program

Decisions about transportation investments in metropolitan areas require collaboration and cooperation between different levels of government and between individual jurisdictions. The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) documents how the Kansas City region prioritizes limited transportation resources available among the various needs of the region. It includes a staged, five-year list of surface transportation projects proposed for federal, state and local funding within the metropolitan area. Inclusion in the TIP represents a major milestone in the project development process that enables a project to receive and expend federal funds.

I-35 Integrated Corridor Management Project

The Interstate 35 Integrated Corridor Management (ICM) Planning project is focused on the I-35 corridor in Kansas from the Sunflower Road interchange in Edgerton to the Missouri state line.

The scope of this project is to develop a Concept of Operations (“ConOps”) for the integration of transportation modes, agencies, networks and intelligent transportation systems. It outlines roles, responsibilities and technological requirements for the integration of multi-modal transportation operations within the I-35 corridor.

Find out the latest on the study.

RideKC Transit Plan aims to increase access to jobs

The Regional Transit Coordinating Council has set its sights on developing a new long-range transit plan for the region that is more integrative. The RideKC Smart Moves 3.0 is an update to the Smart Moves Regional Transit Vision adopted in 2008.

The plan will guide decisions on where to focus service improvements and how to maximize the benefits of transit through coordination with land-use planning and development and by connecting to other modes of transportation. It also aims to improve access to jobs across the region.

Learn more about the RideKC Smart Moves 3.0 Transit Plan.

Take a look at the Kansas City Regional Bikeway Plan


Early in 2015, the MARC Board adopted the Kansas City Regional Bikeway Plan. The bikeway plan, when completed, would create a network of on- and off-road facilities for bicycle riders that crosses multiple cities and counties in the bistate region. The plan creates a network of more than 2,000 miles and works to promote active transportation and mobility choices for residents.

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