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Requests for Proposals

Before bidding or responding to our RFPs and bids, please review the background information for vendors.

For RFPs that allow/require electronic submittal of proposals it is the responsibility of the submittor to ensure that the proposal has been received by the appropriate MARC staff, and not blocked by a spam filter or rejected due to file size. To confirm receipt, you may contact us at or 816/474-4240, or contact the staff member named in the RFP.

Documents are in PDF format unless otherwise noted.

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Current requests

Request for Proposals - Project: LEPC Hazardous Materials Commercial Trucking Planning and Tabletop Exercise

The Mid-America LEPC is an eight-county, bistate planning district, encompassing Johnson, Leavenworth and Wyandotte counties in Kansas and Cass, Clay, Jackson, Platte and Ray counties in Missouri. The LEPC maintains an emergency preparedness plan that is reviewed and updated annually. Following the last update, the LEPC identified a gap in more comprehensive information about hazardous materials shipped via commercial trucks.

A Commodity Flow Study was completed for seven counties in the Northeastern Region of Kansas in 2010 (which includes Johnson, Leavenworth and Wyandotte counties) to gather information about the type and quantities of hazardous materials transported via the region’s highways. This information was reviewed and generically updated in the 2015 Plan update usingdata available from the Kansas and Missouri State Departments of Transportation.
Missing from the 2010 Commodity Flow Study and 2015 LEPC Plan update is a comprehensive list of commercial truck owners in the Kansas City metropolitan area and direct information from the commercial trucking industry about hazardous materials transported through the region. Historically, commercial truck owners have been underrepresented on the LEPC.

The LEPC desires to initiate a two-phase planning project to increase the region’s preparednessfor hazardous materials incidents involving transportation. Phase One involves conducting research and interviews with shippers, receivers, and carriers to determine type and quantity of hazardous materials by time, mode, and route, origin/destination, then update the LEPC Plan where appropriate with this information. The second phase of the project involves conducting a table top exercise with first responders, risk management program (RMP) facilities and commercial truck owners (identified in Phase I) on emergency response to a transportation hazardous materials incident.

To be eligible for consideration, proposals must be received by MARC no later than 5 p.m. prevailing local time on Tuesday, April 18, 2017.

Request for Qualifications - Operation Green Light Traffic Signal Control System Network Services

The Mid-America Regional Council is requesting the services of a firm to perform the described traffic signal system network support services for the program included on the attached list. Letters of qualification must be received by noon on Wednesday, April 24, 2017.


Request for Proposals – Planning Sustainable Places Program

The Mid-America Regional Council’s (MARC) Planning Sustainable Places (PSP) Program provides local governments with financial support to advance detailed local planning and project development activities in support of Creating Sustainable Places, Transportation Outlook 2040’s Activity Centers and Corridors framework, and the Mid-America Regional Council’s adopted policy statement on regional land use direction. The PSP Program will seek consulting services to complete nineteen Planning Sustainable Places projects. The anticipated release schedule for the projects can be found here.

Please see each specific project request below for more information. A Question and Answer page regarding the projects is provided to disseminate all received questions.
RFP – Overland Park, Kan. – Vision Metcalf: The College Avenue Node
RFP – Unified Government, Kan.  – Cambridge Connector Feasibility Analysis

A pre-bid workshop was offered on April 18, 2017. The workshop documents are posted below:

Sheet
Wokshop Presentation
Both RFPs will be due no later than 3 p.m. prevailing local time on Friday, May 5, 2017.

Request for Proposals - Regional Green Infrastructure Plan, Phase Two

The Mid-America Regional Council (MARC) is requesting proposals (RFP) from firms to refine and build upon the Kansas City Phase 1 Green Infrastructure (GI) Framework developed in 2016. The GI planning approach can be used to enhance transportation infrastructure sensitivity to terrestrial and aquatic habitats, and increase the effectiveness of mitigation of impacts. It may also serve to enhance other public or private development practices in service of economic competitiveness, social equity public health and environmental quality.

The 2016 GI Framework includes two primary elements, an Atlas and Playbook. As each is further refined, they will constitute a regional GI plan to facilitate integrated ecosystem-based, landscape-scale planning, mitigation and restoration. This RFP seeks to identify a consultant or consultant team to refine and illustrate the Playbook to facilitate local implementation of GI practices in different land use conditions around the Kansas City region.

The work will be subject to MARC and Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) procurement processes. Submittals must be received at the MARC office, either physically or via electronic mail, by 4 p.m. prevailing local time, Friday May 5, 2017.

Addendum to Request for Proposals - Regional Green Infrastructure Plan, Phase Two 
MARC added Attachment F, a Special Attachment from the Kansas Department of Transportation to the request for proposals. The due date for submissions remains unchanged, with submissions due to MARC at 4 P.M. on Friday May 5, 2017.