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MARC offers a variety of planning tools to help with planning development, including:

The Planning Sustainable Places (PSP) program continues the work of the Creating Sustainable Places initiative and the region’s long-range plan, Transportation Outlook 2040, promoting concepts consistent with sustainable communities and the advancement of site-specific and project-specific activities within the centers-and-corridors planning framework.

The PSP efforts work to advance detailed local planning and project development activities that further the creation of VIBRANT places that offer a mix
of options for housing, jobs, services and recreation; CONNECTED places with a variety of transportation options; and GREEN places that support healthy living and a healthy natural environment. 

Projects are reviewed by the Sustainable Places Policy Committee and the Total Transportation Policy Committee. These committees make funding recommendations that are submitted to the MARC Board of Directors for review and approval.

Round three: 2016–2017 Funding

PSP program request for consulting services

Round two: 2015–2016 Funding

One million dollars in state-allocated Surface Transportation Program (Livable Communities Pilot) was available for projects. For this round of funding, an element of transportation was a requirement of all planning efforts. Across the region, 
13 projects were selected for funding.

Round one: 2012–2013 Funding

More than $1.5 million in HUD Sustainable Communities and Surface Transportation Program Livable Communities funds were available for this round of projects, and 18 were selected for funding.