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Shared Services

MARC has a long history of working with local governments to develop cooperative approaches and shared solutions. Through MARC, local governments collaborate in a number of programs and systems that help them deliver public services and perform administrative functions more efficiently and effectively. These programs include the Regional 9-1-1 System, the Kansas City Regional Purchasing Cooperative, the Government Training Institute, Operation Green Light and much more. In 2015, an inventory and analysis of current shared services was completed. See report for more details»

Regional 9-1-1 System, overseeing its operations and providing equipment upgrades, maintenance and a training consortium. The Metropolitan Area Regional Radio System (MARRS) links public safety radio systems together for interoperable communications.

Government Training Institute offers open enrollment, certificate programs and customized training. Local governments may pay an annual membership to save 15 percent.

Government Innovations Forum - City and county managers come together to exchange information, foster local government innovation and cooperate on individual projects.

Kansas City Regional Purchasing Cooperative negotiates contracts for goods and services, providing volume discount savings and reducing administrative costs.

Small Cities Program provides grantwriting and grant administration services for smaller cities upon request.

Salary Survey - MARC provides a platform for local governments to compare pay and benefit data by using an online Compensation Survey System.

Emergency Services coordinates planning, training and exercise support, and equipment purchases for regional homeland security and supports collaboration among hospitals, first responders, public health and emergency managers.

Data and maps - Through MARC’s Research Services, local governments coordinate aerial photography, workforce intelligence data and customized data and analysis.

Other Shared Services

Operation Green Light- Traffic signalization services provided by.

Building inspection services available through an agreement with IBTS.

Solid Waste Management District - Recycling infrastructure, household hazardous waste collection and technical assistance.

Geographic Information Systems - Technical support for working with social and economic data indicators.