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Administrative Professionals Certificate Program

Today's Administrative Professional must possess a broader range and depth of skills than ever before. Not only do these staff members serve as front-line customer service specialists for both external and internal customers, they must be leaders, innovators, researchers and technology troubleshooters. More»

Customer Service Certificate Program

Friendly, courteous and convenient customer service is necessary for municipal, county and state governments to be effective. Customer expectations are increasing and your employees must be able to meet these expectations and serve customers effectively. More»

Certified Public Managers Certificate Program

The Certified Public Manager certificate is a nationally recognized emblem of management excellence for state, city, county or federal managers. The design of the CPM Program complies with guidelines and standards established by the National Certified Public Manager Consortium and its curriculum requirements. More»

Successful Facilitator Certificate Program

This certificate program is designed to serve local government executives, department directors, and other managers who deal with elected officials and/or seek public participation. The highly interactive curriculum thoroughly covers group dynamics, problem-solving, decision-making, meeting management, and relationship-building with elected officials and other community members. You will have ample opportunity to discuss and demonstrate the key elements of facilitation. More»

Advanced Facilitator Certificate Program

Whereas the Successful Facilitator provided general process tools to enable any meeting facilitation, The Advanced Facilitator will focus on specific problem-solving techniques that can be used to resolve issues that lead to consensus failure. These techniques will be married to the prior learning and will offer the practitioners many more options in their facilitation applications. More»

Supervision Certificate Program

The GTI Supervision Certificate program will help you improve your supervisory skills and increase your managerial effectiveness through state-of-the-art training and individual development planning. The program is designed to help both new and experienced supervisors obtain results. More»