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Mission & Values

Mission Statement

Adopted Feb. 2016

The mission of the First Suburbs Coalition is to identify and enhance the unique qualities of first suburb communities – neighborhoods where the majority of the housing stock was built post WWII to 1970 – to maintain a high quality of life for all current residents and future generations by promoting preservation, reinvestment and revitalization.


In accomplishing its mission, the First Suburbs Coalition will be guided by the following values:

  • Accessibility
    Ensure that the community transportation system meets the needs of all users – Maximize mobility and access to opportunity for all first suburb residents.

  • Economic Vitality and Reinvestment
    Promote economic vitality through reinvestment in the first suburbs commercial, residential, and public infrastructure.

  • Environment
    Protect and restore the natural environment within the first suburbs.

  • Quality Affordable Housing
    Advocate for age‐friendly housing options that preserve neighborhood character and promote ownership diversity (age, income, ethnicity).

  • Place Making
    Encourage the creation of vibrant community places within the first suburbs that foster social interaction and active living.

  • Education
    Support the public education system within the first suburbs and promote active learning throughout the community.

  • Social Inclusion, Communication and Participation
    Promote the inclusion of all residents in developing community activities and adapt communication strategies for multiple audiences.

  • Community and Health Services
    Encourage that a range of community and health services that address the needs of all ages be easily accessible.

  • Civic Governance
    Promote the engagement of all residents in community decisions.

  • Regional Context
    Encourage collaboration among the first suburbs and coordination with regional initiatives.

Priorities for 2016-2017

The First Suburbs Coalition in pursuing its mission and guided by its values has established the following priorities:
  1. The First Suburbs Coalition will continue to be a regional leader by advocating for its values and developing strategies that achieve its mission by pursuing opportunities to engage its residents, elected officials, regional and state stakeholders.
  2. The First Suburbs Coalition will pursue opportunities to educate its members on emerging topics to ensure a common understanding of the issues and possible future actions.Topics may include:
    • Community for All Ages Principles
    • Demographic lifestyle shifts – challenges and opportunities
    • Outlook from the school district’s point of view
    • Maintaining affordable housing and diversity of ownership
    • Rental property issues – working with landlords, property maintenance and regulations
    • Housing patterns, markets, issues such as teardowns to build larger houses; conversation with housing specialists
    • Trends in developments, including adaptive redevelopment opportunities; flipping houses; re‐greening
    • Neighborhood leadership capacity building
    • Community health, active lifestyles
    • Communications strategies, messaging to residents, certain age groups
    • Differentiate the key points of first suburb communities – self recognition/evaluation
    • Lessons learned in past decade – successful approaches, policies (best practices) and continued challenges
  3. The First Suburbs Coalition will take key elements learned through the educational opportunities to devise a communications plan that highlight common strategies that member communities can use to engage current and future residents.