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Remodeling Idea Book

Idea Book CoverThe First Suburbs Coalition Idea Book examines four of the most common housing types found in inner-ring suburbs in Greater Kansas City — Ranch, Split Level, Two Story, and Cape Cod — and provides dozens of ideas for appropriate ways to update and make additions to them.

The 40-page, folio-sized book offers color illustrations of each design and the elements which can be renovated or added.

The book also addresses windows, doors and garages, as well as other basics of exterior appearance.

Considerations such as energy efficiency, financing and universal design are also discussed in the book along with a section of guidelines for selecting and working with reliable contractors.

Download the Idea Book:

The Idea Book is available for download in PDF format using the following links.

Contact Georgia Nesselrode to inquire about ordering a hard copy of the book. (Limited supply available.)

Idea Book Committee (2004-2005)

The First Suburbs Coalition cities targeted modernization of housing stock as one of their initial objectives. In 2005, the coalition worked with architect Eric Piper, AIA, Piper-Wind Architects, to develop this guide for homeowners and potential buyers in these areas with renovation tips for post-World War II housing.

Committee Members:

  • Ron Williamson, Planning Consultant, Prairie Village
  • Scott Wingerson, Assistant City Manager, Gladstone
  • Dennis Enslinger, Senior Planner, Independence
  • Phillip Perry, Councilmember and Remodeling Contractor, Mission
  • Martin Rivarola, Community Dev Officer, Mission
  • John Benson, Planning Director, Raytown
  • Tim Truesdale, Community Dev Director, Raytown
  • Shelley Temple-Kneuvean, Deputy Director, Fannie Mae
  • Jody Craig, Public Affairs Director, MARC
  • Danny Rotert, Former Public Affairs Specialist, MARC
  • Marlene Nagel, Community Development Director, MARC
  • Charlene Meeker, Denver Branch, First Suburbs Coalition
  • Dean Katerndahl, Director, Government Innovations Forum, MARC

Green Idea Book

The First Suburbs Coalition followed the Idea Book with a Green Idea Book. Now in its third edition, this free book focuses on ways to incorporate “green” strategies in remodeling efforts — from projects as basic as a fresh coat of paint to complex room additions.

Universal Design Idea Book

In August 2013, the First Suburbs Coalition and KC Communities for All Ages published a third idea book that focuses on remodeling ideas for universal design. The book offers ways to make your home accessible to people of all ages and abilities, especially older adults.