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How does KCRPC help local governments?

Cooperative purchasing through the KCRPC helps local governments increase their effectiveness and purchasing power.

KCRPC issues bids for goods and services on behalf of multiple agencies. Using KCRPC contracts, participating local governments can save money while avoiding duplication of effort and advertising costs. KCRPC focuses on regional products/services that can be standardized across multiple agencies.

KCRPC also partners with the Houston-Galveston Area Council (H-GAC) to provide even more cooperative contracts to local governments in the MARC region. HGACBuy focuses on higher ticket, capital-intensive products and services that require technical and detailed specifications. Using HGACBuy contracts simplifies the purchase of heavy equipment, fire apparatus, and many other products that are difficult for an individual agency to bid out.

Is my agency eligible to purchase through KCRPC?

Your agency must be a member of any chapter affiliate of The Institute for Public Procurement (NIGP) or a member of MARC to use the local contracts.

How can I purchase items without going through my own bid process?

All contracts issued by KCRPC and HGACBuy follow standard governmental purchasing practices. When you purchase under one of our contracts, you can rest assured that it was competitively bid, advertised, evaluated, and awarded. Bid documents are available if you need backup documentation for your purchases.

Where do I find more information or a list of available products?

Visit our website to learn more about the KCRPC and search our database of available contracts.

In addition to contracts awarded by the KCRPC, you'll find copies of contracts awarded by other agencies in the region that include a "piggyback" clause for other local governments. The website also features a monthly newsletter with information about current activities and new bids.

You can also view a list of products available through HGACBuy contracts here. To obtain a quote under an HGACBuy contract or get more information about using the program, contact Rita Parker, KCRPC Program Coordinator, at or 816/246-5083.

Why is there an administrative fee to use these contracts?

Both KCRPC and HGACBuy are self-supporting. Administrative fees help pay for our costs in providing these services to you. Your savings will easily outweigh any fees paid, especially when you consider the staff time to develop bid specifications, advertising costs and higher product prices associated with bidding on your own. Also, purchases using the cooperative contracts can typically be made in days, rather than months.