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Water Resources

Help keep our water healthy and safe

Become a Tree Keeper 

Heartland Tree Alliance logoJoin The Heartland Tree Alliance’s Tree Keeper program to promote environmental stewardship in the Kansas City region. Joined by other volunteers, tree keepers lead planting, pruning, and maintenance projects for local municipalities, school districts, and neighborhood associations in the community. Learn more»

Take the Pledge to Plant for Clean Water

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has identified stormwater runoff as the number one threat to water quality. Be part of the solution! There are lots of ways you can help improve our water. Pledge to plant for clean water and learn some easy things you can do to protect our most precious resource. More»

Pledge to plant for clean water

Blog Post: Birds Love Native Trees

Illustration: birds flying around a tree with colorful fall leaves.

Native trees — species that are native to a particular geographic area — help protect water quality through their deep, well-adapted root systems that naturally increase the ability of soil to absorb, treat and retain water. These trees are also essential for supporting our region’s diverse bird populations. Native trees produce more insect prey for birds than non-natives ― and 96 percent of birds raise their young on insects. They are crucial to preserving habitats, and can support 35 times more insect-eating birds than non-natives. Ever-increasing population density in cities makes it more important to consider the impacts of the built environment on wildlife habitats. Read more »