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Residential Solid Waste Survey

Binny giving thumbs up, 67%25 more residents are recyling compared to the 2008 surveyFrom Oct. 2012 through Jan. 2013, the Mid-America Regional Council Solid Waste Management District conducted a recycling survey of residents in the nine-county Kansas City metro area. The purpose of the survey was to evaluate current recycling activities and knowledge, determine what recycling services residents would like to see in the future and determine focus areas for expanded services and outreach priorities. The survey also determined how citizens’ values, behavior and awareness levels have changed from the 2008 survey and 2005 survey data.


  1. Executive Summary
  2. Survey
  3. Sample Description
  4. Unweighted Tabular Data by Urban, Suburban and Small City/Rural Areas
  5. Weighted Tabular Data
  6. Unweighted Tabular Data
  7. Special Crosstabs
  8. Summaries by County
  9. Non-random online results