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Annual Grant Call

The Mid-America Regional Council Solid Waste Management District offers grants to city and county governments, businesses, schools, nonprofit organizations and other interested parties to increase waste reduction, reuse and recycling rates in our region. All projects must be located within the Solid Waste Management District, which represents Cass, Clay, Jackson, Platte and Ray counties in Missouri. For information on the district grant program, contact Nadja Karpilow, 816-701-8226.

Grant Call Cycle

The call for 2018 projects will be in May 2017. At that time a schedule for information sessions and application deadlines will be available.

If you would like to be on the call list, or have questions about the grant program, please contact Nadja Karpilow, 816-701-8226.


2017 District Grant Priorities

Past Grantee photo collage The district’s list of targeted materials is based on the state targeted materials list. In addition the MARC SWMD has identified six priority project areas to address specific needs in the district — however all projects will be considered.
  • Expanded Services for Hard-To-Recycle Items — These are items not accepted at the curb or at a typical drop-off recycling center. Convenient access must be considered. High priority materials are Styrofoam™, rigid plastics (such as laundry baskets and toys) and carpet.
  • Organics Management — Projects which address planning for storm debris management and an anticipated increase of diseased trees. Food waste management is also encouraged.
  • Construction and Demolition Waste — Projects which effectively address the diversion of construction and demolition materials.
  • Waste Reduction and Reuse — Projects which support waste reduction and reuse activities. Examples include Styrofoam™ reuse, community-based projects that focus on repair services, lending libraries for tools, dishware, etc., and educational projects that teach waste reduction, such as purchasing practices for businesses.
  • Business and Multi-Family Dwelling Recycling — Recycling and composting needs to expand among the business sector and in apartment buildings and condominiums to increase the region’s landfill diversion rate. 
  • End-Market Development — Projects that promote the development of markets for recovered materials generated in our region and for manufacturing recycled content products are encouraged.