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District Overview

The MARC Solid Waste Management District serves as a regional solid waste planning agency for local governments in Cass, Clay, Jackson, Platte and Ray counties in Missouri, and works cooperatively with Johnson, Leavenworth and Wyandotte counties.

The district encourages development of local and regional waste reduction, reuse and recycling programs by providing grants to the public, private and non-profit sectors.

The district also provides direct service to the community through its Regional HHW Collection Program and its Recycling Information Line, 816/474–TEAM (8326).


The MARC Solid Waste Management District administers a solid waste grant program for waste reduction, reuse, and recycling projects. Many cities and counties, non-profit organizations, businesses and schools have used this grant program. The district also supports the collection and disposal of household hazardous waste through contracts with two permanent collection facilities and a number of mobile collection events. A number of public education initiatives aimed at reducing the amount of waste the region sends to area landfills have been developed by the district. (Have you seen Eco Elvis get “All Shook Up” over recycling?) The district also manages the website and a recycling hotline (816/474-TEAM), that provide residents information on recycling opportunities in the region.

As envisioned by SB 530, one of the district’s primary functions is to bring local governments together to coordinate, plan, and implement changes in how we manage our solid waste. The district developed its first solid waste management plan in 1994. As many of the original plan’s objectives were met, the district began to identify annual priorities and strategies through an annual strategic planning process. In 2009, the district embraced an ambitious goal to diverting 80 percent of the solid waste we generate from landfill disposal. For the future, the district will continue to foster regional cooperation and will strive to promote flexible strategies to meet the unique needs of each community while promoting a regional vision for more sustainable solid waste management. 

Management Council and Executive Board

The 14-member Executive Board governs the district. Additionally, a Management Council of local elected and appointed officials provides guidance in development of solid waste management policies.

District Performance

Each year, the MARC Solid Waste Management District contracts for an independent audit of financial statements. The latest audit report can be found here.

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources contracts with independent audit firms for performance audits pursuant to (260.325.10, RSMo). These contract audits review the procedures and policies each district uses for district operations and projects conducted by district staff or subgrantees. The MARC Solid Waste Management District was audited in the fall of 2012, and the MARC Solid Waste Management District Performance Audit Document (for Period Ending 2011) can be found here.