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Solid Waste Management District

Open Grant call art: photo of durable drinkware in cupboard, photo of compost drop-off sign, photo of trash/recycling receptacle. Text reads: GRANT FUNDS available for waste reduction, reuse and recycling projects in Missouri

Call for projects: first deadline June 22

Nearly 80% of your trash is recyclable

Are you recycling all that you can? Kansas City's one-stop spot for recycling, reuse and waste reduction information can help you find facilities that accept everything from Household Hazardous Waste to CARPET!

HHW Shouldn't go in the trash

Regional Household Hazardous Waste Logo. Image of house with spiral. Tagline reads: It's Your Home. Make it Safe.A typical home can contain a vast array of household hazardous wastes (HHW). Products like paint, oil, batteries and pesticides shouldn’t be tossed into regular trash.

Find out if you live in a member community, see a schedule of mobile collection events
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Blog Post: Mattress Recycling

mattresses on curbDo you have a mattress that you no longer want or use? You now have options to recycle that old mattress in the Kansas City area.

Mattresses damage landfill equipment and do not easily compress, taking up about 23 cubic feet of space each. Fortunately, mattresses are 100 percent recyclable. They are made of foam, polyester, cotton, metal, wood and shoddy (reclaimed wool fabric), all of which can be re-manufactured into other products. Keep reading »