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Air quality Workplace partnership

Air quality is everyone's business

Workplace Partnership graphicThat's why more than 170 companies, organizations and government agencies across Greater Kansas City have joined the AirQ Workplace Partnership.

Members of this partnership learn about actions that make our air cleaner and healthier — many of which also save money.

The AirQ Partnership is about creating a network of employers and their employees across the region who care about clean air and take simple actions to reduce pollution. Together, we can make great strides toward reducing local air pollution.

What partners get

  • Ozone Alert notifications: When a high concentration of ozone is forecast, your employees will be able to protect their health and take action to reduce pollution.
  • Air-pollution-reduction tips by e-mail: Learn how to properly dispose of household hazardous waste, find a carpool partner, manage fleets more efficiently, and much more.
  • Fun contests and awards programs: Participate in contests and nominate employees for awards for their efforts to improve air quality.
  • Access to free workshops, seminars and consultations: How can your company lower costs by reducing its impact on air quality? Is funding available to help you offset emissions-reducing actions? Whether your employees want to know how they're affected by ozone pollution, or whether you need assistance developing a clean air plan for your company, AirQ staff will assist you in achieving your goals.
  • Air quality awareness materials: The partnership provides free print and electronic materials that inform employees about air quality issues.
  • Recognition: We'll promote your company as an AirQ environmental partner.

More info: Download the Workplace Partnership brochure in PDF format

How do I sign up?

Questions and answers

Does this cost anything to join?
No. This program is part of a federally funded public education and outreach grant.

I’m part of a huge corporation, and only my department is interested. Can just my department join?

I’m part of a small company. Are you only interested in the big guys?
Everyone can make a difference. Please join us!

How do you communicate with my company?
All communication goes directly to your company’s AirQ coordinator, who relays the information to the rest of the company.

Will you share my contact information with anyone?

What if I have more questions?
E-mail or call the Mid-America Regional Council Air Quality Program at 816/474-4240.