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Congratulations to our 2017 SWMD grantees!

photos of books, recycling receptacle and food waste/kitchen scrapsOne of the most important things the MARC Solid Waste Management District (SWMD) does is provide financial support to organizations on the Missouri side of our region for projects that reduce the amount of material we send to landfills. The district receives funding every year from the fees collected from the landfills... Learn more»

Be idle-free at your school

idle-free school zone

Car idling is a big concern for air quality, and one place that is notorious for lots of idling engines is your local school. When dropping off or picking up children from school, it’s important to be aware of your idling habits. Turning off your car engine while stopped helps improve the air quality by reducing the amount of ozone-forming emissions and other pollutants.

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HHW Shouldn't go in the trash

Regional Household Hazardous Waste Logo. Image of house with spiral. Tagline reads: It's Your Home. Make it Safe.A typical home can contain a vast array of household hazardous wastes (HHW). Products like paint, oil, batteries and pesticides shouldn’t be tossed into regular trash.

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Climate resilience planning underway

Stakeholders and professionals from multiple disciplines participated in MARC’s second climate resilience workshop at Kauffman Foundation Conference Center on Aug. 24. The Greater Kansas City region was named a Climate Action Champion by the White House and Department of Energy in 2014. Area partners are committed to developing a regional climate resilience strategy that will assess climate change trends for the Kansas City region, identify potential risks and vulnerabilities, and include alternative mitigation, adaptation and resilience options. For more information, please contact Tom Jacobs.

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