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Storm Shelter Plan

Severe Storm Protection Plan CoverFollowing high impact tornadic events, local governments are often asked to provide guidance and additional protection for their citizens. Increasingly, local jurisdictions are implementing policies to regulate the degree of severe storm protection that is mandatory in their communities.

In 2007, and the Metropolitan Emergency Managers Committee (MEMC) was awarded a pre-disaster hazard mitigation grant from FEMA to examine the issues surrounding severe storm protection regulation and provide model ordinance guidance to local communities. 

MEMC invited numerous stakeholders from the community to participate in a Hazard Mitigation Task Group. The members of the Hazard Mitigation Task Group came from diverse backgrounds and represented many of the disciplines impacted by this type of regulation.

The task group outlined many of the issues which local governments need to consider if they wish to regulate severe storm protection in their communities. There are strong cases to be made on both sides of the issue — public safety and economic viability — and costs and benefits must be weighed in each community.

The Model Ordinance Guidance for Severe Storm Protection Regulation document provides planning guidance and consistent language for local governments regulating the degree of severe storm protection in their jurisdictions.