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MOKAN Resuscitation Academy

Committed to improving survival from out of hospital cardiac arrest


MOKAN Resuscitation Academy logoSurvival from out of hospital ventricular fibrillation cardiac arrest varies significantly around the United States. In fact, where you live can have an impact on whether you survive this type of cardiac arrest. If you live in Detroit, Chicago, or even New York, your chance of survival is below 6%. However if you reside in Seattle, it significantly increases to approximately 62%. Although the American Heart Association estimates the national rate to be 6%, many communities have no idea as to how they are doing at managing cardiac arrest.
In an attempt to impact cardiac arrest survivability in Missouri and Kansas, the MOKAN Resuscitation Academy was formed to provide evidence based education and best practices in the management of cardiac arrest to attendees. The MOKAN Resuscitation Academy is supported by the Mid-America Regional Council Emergency Rescue Committee (MARCER) and the Resuscitation Academy located in Seattle, Washington. The academy offers one- and two-day fellowships free of charge.
Some of the topics discussed include the science of CPR, quality management in cardiac arrest, dispatcher assisted CPR, police defibrillation, community programs and much more.

Our Mission

The Mission of the MOKAN Resuscitation Academy is to improve survival from cardiac arrest by providing fellowships to EMS managers, EMS directors, and EMS medical directors. 

Intended Participants

Fellowships are awarded to those individuals who are able to implement changes to their current practices and protocol once they return home. Typical attendees are EMS managers, EMS directors, and EMS medical directors.


The MOKAN Resuscitation Academy is led by Dr. Jay Reich. Faculty for the MOKAN Resuscitation will include physicians, paramedics, nurses, dispatch supervisors, and quality management personnel. 

Attendee Expectations

There are essentially three phases the attendees will be required to complete in order to successfully complete the MOKAN Resuscitation Academy. 
Phase one is the completion of pre-course work. Attendees will be required to complete some pre course reading assignments and collect samples of their cardiac arrest data for class. This can include dispatch CAD reports, patient records, defibrillator data, and other related materials. These documents will be reviewed and discussed throughout the course. The specifics of the required reading assignment and other information will be provided following registration.
Phase two involves attending the academy. The MOKAN Resuscitation Academy is intended to be fast moving and intense. Attendees will have lectures, small group discussions, and break out session options which will include interactive demonstrations of resuscitation choreography.
Phase three is really the most important phase and really speaks to the Mission of the Academy. Upon completion of the Academy, graduates to enroll their community in a cardiac arrest data surveillance system in order to measure CA survival. Develop and undertake a quality improvement project, and make changes to improve CA survival in their community.


The spring MOKAN Resuscitation Academy runs April 6-7, 2017, at the Central Jackson County Fire Protection District. The MOKAN Resuscitation Academy is free to attendees. Attendees are responsible for their own fees associated with travel, lodging, and meals. Register online»

In the event of an unexcused cancellation a $150.00 cancelation fee will apply and will be invoiced to the sponsoring agency. If you are unable to attend, please contact the registrar as soon as possible so that participants on the waiting list can be notified.