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Membership and Conduct

Professionals who want to join the KCRMORG team should submit a letter of intent to The letter should include your name, agency, contact information, applicable mortuary operations skills and experience, and a brief statement describing how you would be an asset to the team. You will then receive an email advising you of next steps in the process.

KCRMORG Personnel Code of Conduct

All personnel are guided by the following Code of Conduct. Each KCRMORG member must be familiar with and adhere to the standards outlined here. The KCMORG Commander will address any misconduct and take appropriate action.

All team members will:

  • Read and maintain all current KCRMORG Standard Operating Procedures.

  • Follow procedures for deployment and will not self-deploy under any circumstances.

  • Be punctual in reporting for duty and in maintaining assigned work schedules.

  • Not be absent from duty without properly authorized leave.

  • Identify themselves by displaying their identification cards.

  • Conduct themselves with dignity, courtesy, and efficiency.

  • Be dignified, courteous, and cooperative with other members of KCRMORG and with officials and members of government and law enforcement organizations.

  • Be civil and respectful to members of the KCRMORG Command Staff. It is the member’s responsibility to make inquiry if he/she does not understand an order.

  • Refrain from any contact with the media.

  • Not consume any intoxicants while on duty.

  • Not post any information about their duties on any social networking website.

  • Not use their cell phones in the morgue.

  • Not take pictures/audio/video of the deceased. If a member is caught doing so he/she will be removed from the premises.

  • Not take pictures of the morgue or surrounding area while the daily operations are in progress.

  • Not accept any bribe of money, goods or services in exchange for information.

Unprofessional conduct such as disrespect of the deceased, their personal effects or families will not be tolerated and shall be considered gross misconduct.