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Infectious Disease Information

Professionals at hospitals, public health departments, emergency medical service (EMS) agencies, and city and county governments across the region are working together to prepare for, and if necessary, respond to infectious disease events, such as Ebola and Zika cases, in order to protect the public. For the latest information about the infectious disease outbreak, visit the CDC website
Local public health agencies are coordinating with state agencies and with hospitals and EMS agencies on communications and response procedures. Through MARCER, area EMS agencies are sharing best practices and developing regional protocols for initial response, communications and transport of patients that meet CDC criteria for screening. Area hospitals are coordinating information through the Regional Hospital Committee. The Regional Area Public Information Officers Committee is sharing information with hospitals, local public health and EMS agencies. Public Safety Answering Points that handle 9-1-1 calls are reviewing CDC guidance and coordinating procedures for communication with EMS agencies.