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Health & Medical

Loading supplies onto public health response trailer

Planning and response for health and medical emergencies and medical surge.

Coalition partners prepare for medical surge

Kansas City area health and medical committees work with emergency medical services, hospitals, and state and local partners as a coalition to enhance preparedness for, response to and recovery from crisis events. An effective medical surge response begins with robust hospital-based systems and effective health care coalitions. Learn more about health care coalitions in this federal report, which features the Kansas City region on page 58.

Medical countermeasure management

Last spring, the RHSCC Hospital and Public Health Subcommittees developed a regional Closed Point of Dispensing (POD) Plan to coordinate planning and response during a public health emergency requiring medical countermeasures (such as pills or vaccinations) for people at risk of exposure to a disease. This plan provides the framework for activating and operating a POD within a hospital. For more information contact Ian Saxton.

Disaster Medical Teams stand ready to respond

Kansas City area DMT membersA Disaster Medical Team (DMT) is a group of medical and support personnel who provide emergency medical care during a disaster or other medical surge event. Team members are organized, trained, and prepared to activate as a unit. DMTs can deploy to disaster sites with adequate supplies and equipment to support themselves for a period of 72 hours while providing medical care at a fixed or temporary medical site. DMTs are a rapid-response element designed to supplement local medical care until other resources can be mobilized, or until the situation is resolved.

Missouri's DMT is equipped to respond to a disaster location, and set up a mobile emergency room setting, with capabilities near a standard emergency room's capability. Learn more»