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KC Metro GIS Committee

Working through MARC, local GIS managers formed the KC Metro GIS committee to coordinate activities, share resources, and work toward common goals at the regional level.

Local governments increasingly use GIS to plan future development, to track road maintenance and other public works projects, to plan emergency response, and many other essential public services. Much of the information used by city and county governments can be managed and viewed as spatial data, which allows for enhanced understanding of trends, problems, and resources. Spatial data sharing in the KC region has enhanced our ability to understand the region from the scale of multiple counties down to individual parcels.

Meetings are usually held in the MARC Conference Center at 600 Broadway, Suite 200, Kansas City, Mo. (map). To receive meeting notices via e-mail or get more information about the committee, please contact the GIS staff at or (816) 474-4240.

To access the KC Metro GIS Committee agendas and minutes, please contact the GIS Staff at or (816) 474-4240.