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Public Health

Flu Prevention Techniques

Ready for flu season? Get a flu shot, wash hands often and cover coughs and sneezes.

Choices for healthier living

Your lifestyle choices make a real difference to your health, including your mental and social well-being. We offer information for living tobacco free, eating healthier and being more active.

Communities and employers can  promote healthy living for residents and employees by establishing smoke-free policies, providing more healthy food options and opportunities for physical activity.

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Program helps SNAP users stretch food dollars

The Double Up Food Bucks program doubles the value of SNAP dollars spent on locally grown, fresh fruits and vegetables.

The program is part of a national initiative to help low-income families choose healthy, fresh foods, and is available in Balls Price Chopper stores and farmers markets in Kansas and Missouri.

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Cooperation is key for public health departments
in the bistate Kansas City region

Public Health LogoMARC brings local public health agencies  together through MOHAKCA, the Metropolitan Official Health Agencies of the Kansas City Area, and through the Public Health Subcommittee of the Regional Homeland Security Coordinating Committee.

Health departments in the Kansas City area have a long history of cooperation, working together on training and exercises, education and outreach, and a number of special projects. For example, the departments developed a disease surveillance program that helps capture data from both sides of the state line to monitor potential disease outbreaks. In a metro area like Kansas City, many people may live in Missouri and see a doctor in Kansas, or vice versa, making regional cooperation a necessity to protect public health.