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Videos About Aging in Community

Professional Network workshop: Citizen Engagement

On Nov. 17, 2015, this workshop focused on how the use of volunteers can provide opportunities for meaningful citizen engagement and offer an innovative option for cities and counties with limited resources to meet the need for or expand local community services in challenging financial times.

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Building Age-Friendly Communities

Tufts Health Plan Foundation asked older adults in their area what they want in an age-friendly community. Affordable housing and transportation, access to health care and social activities, respect and much more.

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Keeping Our Region Vibrant for All Ages: Lessons Learned

Tuesday, June 30, 76 people gathered at Sylvester Powell Jr. Community Center to share lessons learned from working to become Communities for All Ages.

Over the past three years, KC Communities for All Ages, an initiative of the Mid-America Regional Council, participated in Community AGEnda, an age-friendly initiative to help communities become great places to grow up and grow old.

Part 1: Economic Impact of an Aging Population - Frank Lenk

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Part 2: Best Practices from area cities

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Part 3: Accomplishments and What's Next for KC Communities for All Ages? Cathy Boyer-Shesol

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Design for Life: Community Policies and Planning

This informative workshop that explores how public buildings, residential facilities and single-family homes are designed, built and remodeled to better meet the needs of everyone at every age, life stage and ability. This workshop will include an overview of federal laws addressing physical access to public, commercial and residential facilities, describe differences between accessibility regulation and universal design, and address universal design issues of interest to municipalities.
Presenters: Anne Marie Kinerk and Colleen Starkloff


Transportation Solutions for Local and Regional Jurisditions

On April 22, 2015, this Communities for All Ages Professional Network workshop was held to increase understanding of what’s currently happening in regional transportation in the Greater Kansas City area. Learn about demographic trends and explore how cities in our region can expand and coordinate transportation options to improve access to jobs and better serve the needs of our growing older adult population over the next two decades.


Communities for All Ages Professional Network: Public Spaces and Buildings Workshop

Our communities strive to create a physical environment that is both inviting and functional. As local governments work to become Communities for All Ages, they will need to address the physical environment that enables residents to engage in community life — to live, work, play and interact with one another.

On May 20, 2015, two national experts in age-friendly community design led this workshop to discuss how to create public spaces and buildings that are designed for everyone.

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Communities for All Ages Professional Network Briefing and Brainstorming

On Feb. 25, 2015, elected officials and city staff explored the actions cities can take to enhance interactions and engagement with residents. Each topic had a "briefing," followed by brainstorming and sharing among network participants. 

The workshop explored the following topics:

  • Communication — Getting the right information to residents of all ages, at the right time and in the right format. Featuring a presentation on social media by Amanda Keller, public affairs coordinator at Mid-America Regional Council; and examples from Emily Randel, public information officer, Mission, Kansas. WATCH VIDEO ON YOUTUBE »
  • Civic participation and employment — Providing opportunities for residents to be involved and informed. Featuring examples from Carol Suter, council member, Gladstone, Missouri; and results from a survey about cities' use of volunteers recently conducted by MARC. WATCH VIDEO ON YOUTUBE »
  • Social inclusion — Ensuring communities are helpful to all residents. Featuring examples from Erin Vader, communications and public engagement manager, Olathe, Kansas; and Vanessa Vaughn-West, community relations manager, Olathe, Kansas. WATCH VIDEO ON YOUTUBE »

Changing Housing Needs for Older Adults: Understanding the evolving financing trends in our region's housing

On Jan. 28, 2015, KC Communities for All Ages and the First Suburbs Coalition hosted this workshop at the Kauffman Foundation Conference Center to provide  elected officials, planners, community leaders and housing stakeholders information to help them meet challenges and opportunities related to housing. 

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Vibrant Communities: the Benefits of Becoming Age-Advantaged

On Dec. 17, 2014, the Communities for All Ages Professional Network held their inaugural Meeting: Vibrant Communities: the Benefits of Becoming Age-Advantaged, featuring an address by Donna Butts, executive director of Generations United, who was joined by Pam Smith, senior policy advisor, San Diego County Health and Human Services. This forum discussed practical examples of intergenerational communication, programs and engagement; ways to use facilities and resources that take advantage of the strengths of all generations; and strategies to change the conversation from aging as a burden to aging as a benefit for communities.

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Age-friendly Kansas City: from MARC and GIA's Community AGEnda

This video describes efforts to make greater Kansas City more age-friendly — a great place to grow up and grow old. Produced by Grantmakers In Aging (GIA) for the Mid-America Regional Council (MARC), as part of its age-friendly Community AGEnda initiative, with funding from the Pfizer Foundation.

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Imagine KC — Age, Engage

This Imagine KC episode looks at programs and activities that keep older adults engaged in our communities in significant ways. It features individuals who have found their "second act" through volunteering, paid employment and other activities, and organizations that help older adults stay involved.

Original air date: Thursday, June 27, 2013, on KCPT

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Grantmakers in Aging's Community AGEnda projects

How can communities become more "age-friendly" — great places to grow up and grow old? Grantmakers In Aging's Community AGEnda initiative is helping five communities — including the Greater Kansas City area — do just that, with support from the Pfizer Foundation. 

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The Big Idea in Four Minutes

What will it mean for us all to grow up, live and age in a society where half the citizens are over the age of 50? Spend four minutes learning about this historic transformation.

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A Community for All Ages

This video, entitled, "A Community for All Ages," represents the spirit behind the KC Community for  All Ages mission: to help our older population remain in their own communities.

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