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Resources for Legislators

Our rapidly growing older adult population presents both challenges and opportunities for state and local government. Many of the issues facing state legislators will have an impact on — or be impacted by — the demographic shifts that all of our communities are experiencing. 
By 2050, more than 83 million Americans will be over the age of 65 – almost double the number in 2012. In the Kansas City region, our older adult population is expected to grow from today’s 241,541 to more than 416,000 by 2030. And this demographic shift isn’t just a flash in the pan; the millennial generation outnumbers baby boomers by 8 million.
What will this demographic shift mean for your district, our region, and the states of Missouri and Kansas? What can state legislatures do to prepare for growing numbers of older adults and unprecedented longevity?
On Dec. 7, 2016, the Kansas City Leadership in Aging Network hosted a Legislative Breakfast to brief state senators and representatives from the Kansas City metropolitan area about the impending demographic changes and how to better support their districts’ older adults.
The resources offered at the breakfast — as well as other materials — are provided below.
Legislative Breakfast materials
2017 Legislative Agendas
Each year, the MARC Board of Directors approves legislative agendas that highlight a wide range of issues of importance to the Greater Kansas City region, including issues related to aging.
Other members of the Leadership in Aging Network also create their own legislative agendas. Some of these are linked below.
Additionally, Kansas and Missouri Silver-Haired Legislatures create their own legislative agendas. These are linked below. Maps
The following maps illustrate how our population is changing. The first map shows the percent of population over age 65 by county in Kansas and Missouri in 2010, and the second shows percent projected for 2030. (Click here to download printable PDFs of the two maps.)

Maps of 2010 and projected 2030 population age 65+
At the December legislative breakfast, custom maps were provided for each legislator in attendance showing the distribution of residents ages 50-64, 65-84 and 85+ by district. These individual maps are linked below. Legislators who were not in attendance may request a map by contacting Cathy Boyer-Shesol. (Coming soon: an interactive online map with aging population data for all districts.)
Sponsored by the Kansas City Leadership in Aging Network (AARP Kansas and Missouri; Clay County Senior Services, Johnson County Area Agency on Aging, KC Communities for All Ages; MARC Area Agency on Aging, Platte County Senior Fund, Truman-Heartland Community Foundation, Wyandotte/ Leavenworth Area Agency on Aging).