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Community AGEnda

Community AGEnda is an age-friendly initiative to help communities become great places to grow up and grow old.

In 2012, KC Communities for All Ages (KCC) was one of five communities in the United States to receive a Community AGEnda grant from the Pfizer Foundation in partnership with Grantmakers In Aging. Pfizer Foundation extended funding for the Community AGEnda initiative for an additional two years — resulting in a $380,000 commitment to support the Kansas City region’s efforts to prepare for a rapidly growing number of older adults. Adding local match support, an additional $169,500 extended the impact of Kansas City’s Community AGEnda efforts.

Below are activities and accomplishments achieved through participation in Community AGEnda.

Community AGEnda Phase III (2015)

Building on its partnership with First Suburbs Coalition in Phases I and II, KCC received funding to continue its work to help area communities become more age-friendly through July 2015. Pfizer Foundation, in partnership with Grantmakers in Aging’s Community AGEnda initiative, funds the project, which focuses on helping communities across America become great places to grow up and grow old.
The initiative helps area cities prepare for rapidly growing numbers of older residents. The number of adults over age 65 is expected to double by 2030, reaching an estimated 416,367.

Efforts to make communities age-friendly can include improving mobility and walkability; informing regional planning efforts; designing affordable, accessible housing; promoting healthy lifestyles; improving access to public services; and increasing volunteer, intergenerational, and social opportunities.

Building on its earlier work — including a toolkit for local governments and checklist of age-friendly community characteristics and a checklist workbook — KCC will work with the cities of Grandview, Gladstone and Roeland Park to test a Community for All Ages recognition program and will provide technical assistance to four additional communities.

MARC and KCC will also conduct an economic impact analysis of the region’s 65+ population; launch a professional network of elected officials and city staff to support ongoing understanding of age-friendly issues and programs; create an online resource library; host a series of housing workshops; and identify meaningful intergenerational messages to engage and inform people across the region.

Community AGEnda Phases I and II (2012–2014)

KC Communities for All Ages and First Suburbs Coalition

KC Communities for All Ages and the First Suburbs Coalition developed Making Your Community Work for All Ages — a Toolkit for Cities to help elected officials, planners and community leaders make their cities communities for all ages. The Toolkit, which was released July 2013, also has a separate Executive Summary available. Resident discussion forums were conducted in Mission and Prairie Village, Kansas, and Gladstone and Raytown, Missouri, to provide a resident perspective in the development of the Toolkit.
Building on the experience gained from developing the Toolkit, KCC worked with the First Suburbs Coalition to develop practical and understandable action steps to create communities for all ages and to engage older adults in meaningful activities.

Using these action steps, a Checklist of desired characteristics for successful Communities for All Ages was created, which may be used as an assessment tool to gauge a city's age-friendliness.

The Checklist was pilot tested in four first suburbs communities: Gladstone and Raytown in Missouri, and Mission and Prairie Village in Kansas. Each pilot community convened a task force of elected officials, city staff and residents to conduct self-assessments of their community’s policies using the draft Checklist. 

In addition, focus groups were held with residents of all ages in each of the four pilot communities to obtain their perspectives on what they consider desirable characteristics within communities. A summary of the focus groups' recommendations may be read here.
Work on the Checklist culminated with a workshop on June 17, 2014, when the latest version of the Checklist was revealed and discussed. The Checklist, as well as materials from the workshop may be downloaded below.
Building on the Toolkit and Checklist resources, a Communities for All Ages Recognition Program was developed to recognize communities that have taken steps to become more welcoming to residents of all ages and, in the process, more vibrant, healthy and prosperous. 

Housing Workshops

A workshop on older adult housing options was offered on May 20, 2014, where experts discussed how communities can support the evolving trends for housing stock as our region's population ages. Materials from that presentation and panel discussion can be found on our Events page.

The "Smart Design Workshop: Creating Housing and Communities for All" was presented on June 26, 2013, to spotlight universal design as a growing trend that accommodates individuals at all stages of life, from infants to grandparents. Workshop materials and presentations may be found on our Events page. The white paper "Universal Design: How Philanthropic Investment Can Help Everyone" was also created from findings of the workshop and is available on our Publications page.  

Older Adult Transportation and Regional Mobility Action Plan

In partnership with transportation and mobility stakeholders, KCC developed a Regional Older Adult Transportation and Mobility Action Plan in 2013. Action Plan summits were held on April 18 and August 27, 2013 and attended by nearly 100 regional transportation and mobility stakeholders. Older Driver Safety action plans are incorporated in the Destination Safe Coalition's Safety Blueprint approved in 2014; and, action plans focused on transportation services, mobility management and infrastructure will be incorporated in Regional Transportation Outlook 2040. 

Transportation Options Public Awareness Campaign

A public awareness campaign was implemented to promote, a website that provides resources for the Kansas City region’s veterans, older adults with disabilities, caregivers and service providers for critical services ranging from housing to transportation. The public awareness campaign focused on transportation resources and used paid advertisements, social media, radio and television public service announcements, and an extensive mailing of informational fliers to regional service providers and health institutions.

Older Driver Safety Information and Resources

In 2014, an enhanced section of the KCC website was added to include comprehensive information and resources related to older driver safety.

Caregiving Public Awareness Campaign

KC Communities for All Ages and their regional partners focused attention on caregiving and caregivers through a six-week regional media campaign in 2013. The campaign  used paid advertisements, social media and radio public service announcements.

Civic Engagement Public Awareness Campaign

On June 27, 2014 at 7:00 p.m., KCPT aired a 30-minute Imagine KC episode on the value of older adults as community resources. View the "Age, Engage" Imagine KC episode »

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