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Reports and Program Data

Mid-America Head Start (MAHS) produces two major documents to inform stakeholders and the federal government of goals accomplished and guide future program activities. The MAHS annual report includes accomplishments, the previous year’s fiscal activity and the proposed budget for the upcoming year. The MAHS community assessment includes data and statistics to guide future program and policy objectives.

Annual Report

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services requires the Mid-America Regional Council to provide an annual report outlining Mid-America Head Start’s goals accomplished, services provided to families and the community, financial practices for the previous program year and proposed budget for the upcoming program year. This report also informs stakeholders and partners about the progress made during the previous program year. The annual report highlights grantee, delegate and school district partners’ programs and achievements. Read more and download the report»

Community Assessment

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services requires each Early Head Start and Head Start grantee to conduct a community assessment once every five years. The community assessment provides the most recent data available regarding demographics, early learning programs, disabilities, health and nutrition, and social services for children and families in the MAHS region. This assessment identifies where there are gaps between available services and needs. This document is helps determine the long-range and short-range program objectives; determine services that are most needed; and set criteria recruitment and selection. It is a valuable resource to help staff, parents and community partners think collectively about the impacts of population shifts and equitable distribution of services. Read more and download the report»

Complete DRDP Report for 2014–2015 PY

MAHS educators use the Desired Results Developmental Profile (DRDP) system to track and measure children’s progress toward school readiness. Children are observed as they engage in everyday learning experience and documentation is collected in portfolios as evidence of their progress. In the 2014–2015 program year, teachers and center staff documented children’s progress in the winter rating period and spring rating period. Typically, educators will review the evidence collected three times annually, but data was collected twice in the 2014–2015 program year, because the system was launched in the winter. Educators review the evidence collected and rate each child at a level along a continuum that describes their progression of learning and development. Educators are able to use the evidence and ratings to plan for individual children’s continued learning and development. View the full report»

Grantee Self-Assessment Report (2015–2016)

Self assessment occurs during the third quarter. The information in the report is used to determine the effectiveness of the agency’s systems and services toward meeting the five-year goals and objectives and the Head Start Performance Standards. This data is then used to drive program improvement planning for the next program year. View the full report»