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About MARC

Promoting regional cooperation through leadership, planning and action.

Your feedback is important

Discussion at public meetingWe invite you to engage in our planning processes and we welcome your feedback. For details on how you can get involved — in person, by email, postal mail or through social media — please visit our public input page.

Can't find the page you need? Let us know.

MARC recently launched an updated website, using a new content managment system. As a result, most page addresses have changed. If you're looking for a familiar page or bookmark and can't find it using the new menus above, please don't hesitate to contact our webmaster. We'll be glad to help you track it down.

"Connections" —  MARC's 2013 Annual Review is now available online

For more than 40 years, MARC has served the Greater Kansas City region, advancing regional progress through leadership, planning and action. In our 2013 annual reportwe highlight the connections which have strengthened the success of our region.

As a metropolitan planning organization, we help the region anticipate and adapt to change as we work on a broad agenda that includes healthy people and families, efficient transportation systems, more effective local governments, a strong and competitive regional economy, safe and prepared communities, and a healthy environment. Together, we're creating a more vibrant, connected and green region.